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As a health conscious society, we understand that our health and wellness is imperative to any success we want to have in our future. We all understand the side effects generated from living an unhealthy lifestyle compounded with minimal physical exercise. We find ourselves vulnerable to diseases and other health deficiencies due to the lack of knowledge and awareness on how our body operates. What the body needs to thrive on a daily basis in order for us to avoid these sorts of illnesses is a consistent routine with exercise and a healthy diet. The rapid increase of illnesses in our society has caught the attention of many concerned individuals.

Hearts for Sight Foundation provides a six month program involving the practice of structural health and wellness amongst the blind community and those with diabetes. Vision loss can make it difficult for some individuals to prepare meals within their own homes, thus resulting in poor dietary habits. The program allows those with visual impairments and other health deficiencies the opportunity to have fully cooked nutritious catered meals and personalized adaptive workout routines. Spending money on the food prescribed by this program, as opposed to fast food, will not only save individual’s money but it will also provide the health and nutrition we, as visually challenged individuals, need. The lack of programs provided for the blind in education for wellness and nutrition creates difficulties obtaining overall better health for our future generations to come. The Hearts for Sight Foundation health program will change the lives of many physically challenged individuals. When people understand the importance of proper nutrition, we will change the future on how our society values health and wellness.

There is a series of steps involved to reach the goals of superior health and over all well-being. We understand that it’s tough to stay committed to being health conscious. The program is designed to make nutrition easier to obtain. It’s also designed to make individuals aware of the importance of food. What foods cause harm to the body? What foods are beneficial to the body? The program is a six month commitment simply because it takes time to adapt to this new healthier way of living. It will also encourage individuals to not want to go back to their old habits, the habits resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle. After the six months, participants will have a new life, more confidence and that “Yes I can” attitude we need amongst our community.

The Hearts for Sight Foundation provides various workshops throughout the participants’ experience. The workshops will be designed to help our participants prepare for life after Hearts for Sight. We want to encourage our clients to maintain their new lifestyle after their goals have been met and clients have successfully completed Hearts for Sight’s Health Program. In order to accomplish this goal, Hearts for Sight provides lessons in the following areas but will not be limited to:

  • Meal Recognition lessons
  • Kitchen Safety lessons
  • Nutrition lessons
  • Whole foods shopping lessons
  • Meal Preparation lessons
  • Cooking lessons

Hearts for Sight Foundation’s Adaptive Fitness Program provides:

  • Six-month commitment (personal trainer to client) and vice versa.
  • Personalized exercises catered to the individual’s ability.
  • Personal one on one training and knowledge regarding the importance of wellness.
  • Nutrient dense meals provided 6 days a week for 26 weeks by personal chef.
  • Dietary Meal Information Packets and Adaptive Workout Packet delivered by trainer.
  • Group weekly progress reports (extra encouragement and empowerment displayed with interactions amongst clients and their progress).
  • Documentation of before and after photos. (Weight, body fat etc.)
  • Participation of personalized journal entry (not required) confidential.
  • Before and after testing of physical and psychological appearances and emotions. (How do you feel?)

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